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Tabs in neoclassical!

Neoclassical guitar practice routine -  See More»

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A little routine for practicing in the neoclassical style for guitar. Good for developing finger co-ordination. Use alternate picking or legato.

Ferroll posted this tab on 04/06/17 | 22 Comments

NeoClassical_ Dm_Etude#01 -  See More»

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Let's improve our skill,sweep,alternate picking and tapping! This is Etude for you. But I don't finish this yet. It's like a Yngwie or Tony Macalpine...Really?

Kelly43 posted this tab on 02/03/13 | 4 Comments

Devolution (again) -  See More»

Rating: 9

Yeah this was the first song I posted on this site. It got a really good rating but I have a feeling you guys never saw it and I think this was my best song to date. So, I reposted it for you guys to enjoy. Don't have to comment or rate but you can if you want. New stuff hopefully coming soon.

ROXguitarist19 posted this tab on 06/07/11 | 14 Comments
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